Tifgrand Bermuda

Residential Sod Installation

Tifgrand Bermuda is best known for its strength and resiliency against high traffic and wear. It is characterized as an improved hybrid Bermuda variety. It is also a popular option for residential and commercial property owners because it can withstand about 50% shade. It bears a resemblance to that of Tifway because of the leaf texture, although an expert set of eyes can distinguish one from the other easily because Tifgrand Bermuda has a finer texture.

Tifgrand Bermuda is an ideal turfgrass option for lawns because it is highly tolerant of traffic. Even with constant wear and tear, it quickly recovers with regular maintenance. Also, it is interesting to know that Tifgrand is ideal for installation as a dormant sod.

If you live in an area devoid of sunlight, then the Tifgrand Bermuda might be a practical choice because it only needs about four hours of sun every day. It is also drought tolerant but will need about 1 ¼ inch of water a week for it to remain healthy in the summer season. If you’re thinking about planting it on sandy soil, be sure you increase the water because its color could easily change, and its quality will deteriorate due to the lack of soil nutrients.

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