Zorro Zoysia

Residential Sod Installation

The best attribute of Zorro Zoysia is its dark green color that doesn’t compare to other grass varieties. The texture of the leaf is characterized as superbly soft and bladed. If you’re looking at improving the lawn or you’re building a park or golf course, then the Zorro zoysia is the best option.

The variety first appeared in the early 2000s and has since become one of the most preferred zoysia varieties in the Atlanta area. It is versatile enough to grow healthy in full sun or in partial shade. It requires a minimum of three hours of sunlight. Another remarkable characteristic of Zorro Zoysia is that it has a quick recovery regrowth rate. It means that even with high traffic and the prospect of damage, you expect it to recover and grow back with minimal intervention.

As for maintenance, Zorro Zoysia comes with excellent drought tolerance. It can survive several months of scorching heat. It requires minimal mowing, too.

Many of our customers at Atlanta Sod Solutions use Zorro Zoysia as a practical and cost-effective alternative to Tall Fescue that have deteriorated overtime. It is a popular option for residential and commercial properties in Atlanta and the surrounding cities and towns.

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